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The 1936 equivilant of The Cheat.

A lively fellow who is really quite unique. Small, smart and yellow with a rodent-like phisique. Doesn't play the cello and never gets to speak. Strong Bad's Leporello.

A dapper swindler out of Tammany hall who got what's for from Boss Tweed. Once did the holly-golly on the Panama Canal. A jaunty jacknapes with moxie and pizazz. Drinks bootleg hooch and listens to the jazz. Captures all the clever girls affections and made off with my Fluffy Puff confections.

He's dasterdly, loves catastrophy, his schemes are masterly, takes tea at half past three. Dropped the Homestar Runner from his flying machine and put a bengal tiger in the Kaizer's latrine.

The sneak, I showed him what's for!
by Vit June 25, 2003
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A lively fellow who is really quite unique. He's small and smart and yellow with a rodent-like physique. He doesn't play the cello and he never deigns to speak. He's The Strong Bad's Leporello and they just call him The Sneak.
If you've got a caper then you know who to call. It's The Sneak! It's The Sneak!
Who's that dapper swindler out of Tammany Hall? Do do lo dee oh do. It's The Sneak!
by Kaiser February 16, 2004
Strong Bad and Strong Man's companion from 1936. Does jaunty jackanapes with moxie and pizazz.
It's The Sneak!
You know it's The Sneak!
That sneakity Sneak all alooooong!
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
Jaunty jackanapes, with moxie and pizazz. Enjoys drinking bootleg hootch, and listening to the jazz. Captures all the clever girls' affections, and also made off with my fluffy puff confections. Takes his tea at half past three. Put a bengal in the Kaiser's latrine.
It's the Sneak!
It's the Sneak!
by doo whacka doo whacka doo June 24, 2003
the old 1930's version of the cheat
by joyrock August 26, 2003
old version of The Cheat
Thats Smashing the Sneak!
by Matt May 14, 2003
The driving technique of following closely behind a car as it turns left on a yellow traffic light to avoid waiting for the next light change.

The light usually turns red halfway through the left turn.
John and Mike are waiting in line to turn left onto the highway on a green light.

John: I'm not waiting for another light change... c'mon...

(Light changes yellow and John and Mike follow the cars in front of them turning left. The light changes red halfway through turning...)

Mike (in awe): .... the sneak...!
by Smu Johnson February 20, 2008
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