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NOTE: Needless to say, the following sex games are only appropriate for adults. Whatever the rules, a game is just a game, "no" always means no, and safe sex is always the best sex.


This is the original sex bracelet game.

Player One selects a participant wearing jelly bracelets (Player Two).
Player One chooses a bracelet based on its color and pulls on it until it "snaps" off Player Two's arm.
The bracelet may only be removed from Player Two by manually breaking it without the aid of scissors, nail clippers, pocket knives, etc.
If Player One loses their grip on the bracelet, and it snaps back against Player Two's arm without breaking, Player One loses their turn.
If Player One succeeds in breaking the bracelet, they may perform with Player Two the act signified by the color of the bracelet, as agreed upon by the game's participants.
Player One may opt to redeem the broken bracelet (the "sex coupon") at a later time, but it may be used only once.

Tug of War

Like pulling on a wish-bone:
Link two jelly bracelets together. (To do this, pass Bracelet One through Bracelet Two, then use a finger to hook Bracelet Two and pull it down and through Bracelet One, pulling them in opposite directions. They should be joined by what looks like a square knot.)
Player One and Player Two each hook an index finger through the opposite jelly bracelet loops.
The players pull the linked bracelets in opposing directions until one of the bracelets breaks.
The player whose bracelet broke may then engage with the other player in the act signified by the broken bracelet's color, or an act previously agreed on by the players before the start of the game.

Daisy Chain

A more elaborate version of Tug of War:
Two players create a chain of four or more jelly bracelets of different colors.
Each player takes an end of the chain and hooks a finger through the end bracelets.
The players stand a few feet apart and pull on the bracelet chain in opposite directions.
When a bracelet breaks, the players may engage in whatever act that bracelet's color stands for.


This adds an element of bondage play. For more of a challenge, put the "cuffs" on behind the player's back. (Warning: Never leave anyone alone after restraining them. Make sure the restraints are not restricting blood circulation and do not leave on for more than 10 minutes.)
Player One chooses two bracelets of different colors and links them together as for "Tug of War." This creates a pair of "handcuffs" that they can then slip on the wrists of Player Two.
Player Two must "escape" from the cuffs by pulling their wrists apart in opposite directions, until one of the bracelets breaks.
Player Two may then engage with Player One in whatever act is signified by the color of the broken bracelet. If Player Two manages to break both bracelets simultaneously, they may perform both acts in whatever order they choose.

Knotty Boy
Remember the old bar trick of tying a maraschino cherry stem in a knot using only your tongue? Usually a woman would do this, and the idea was to demonstrate oral skills that were presumably transferable to performing fellatio. Since jelly bracelets could be a choking hazard, we don't recommend using them to duplicate the cherry stem stunt. Our version of this game give the men equal time to show off their manual skills.
The male player selects a jelly bracelet and breaks it off of the female participant's arm.
The object of the game is for him to tie the broken jelly bracelet in a knot, using only one hand. He must keep the other hand behind his back.
Successfully tying the bracelet in a knot demonstrates he possesses the manual dexterity to potentially stimulate a woman to orgasm.
If he manages to tie the bracelet in a knot in less than a minute, he earns the right to demonstrate his manual skills on the bracelet's owner.

Clear or Clear with Glitter: Wildcard
White: Ask out
Red: Hickey
Neon Red: Strip
Dark Red: Sex without condom
Red with Glitter: Finger
Orange: Hug
Neon Orange: Bear hug
Orange with Glitter: Hug and kiss
Yellow: Feel-up
Neon Yellow: Blowjob
Yellow with Glitter: Handjob
Green: Suck on any part of the body
Neon Green: Oral sex
Green with Glitter: 69
Blue: Blow Job
Neon Blue: Anal
Baby Blue: Sex in water
Blue with Glitter: Skinny dip
Purple: French kiss
Purple with Glitter: Make out
Brown: Lap Dance
Black: Sex with condom
Silver: Outdoor Sex
Gold: Whatever the boy wants
Gold with Glitter: Whatever the girl wants
Pink: Flash
Baby Pink: Feel-up “parts”
Pink with Glitter: The girl takes off something the boy is wearing
Hot Pink/Magenta: The boy takes off something that the girl is wearing
Any Glow in the Dark: Sex toys

The Snap Game Jelly Bracelets
by sum1 u dont no October 09, 2008
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