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A sexual maneuver which results in extreme joy for both parties. It is accomplished with these ten easy steps.

1. Place condom on penis.
2. Bone.
3. Complete Boning.
4. Withdraw penis from vagina.
5. Remove condom.
6. Man takes condom in hands, open end facing towards his partner.
7. Pull closed end of condom back as far as possible and release while holding open end in place.
8. This will expel the contents all over the woman, resulting in extreme joy.
9. Discard condom in conspicuous location, such as a trashcan, parent's bed, or seminary.
10. Rinse and repeat.
"Yeah, when I did the slinkshot she was all like 'That was great...what are you doing? Wait why are you...WHAT THE FUCK!?' Yeah, she was so turned on we did it like 17 times bro. And then we went ass to mouth. Shadiggity."
by L. G. Pez March 30, 2008

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