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Convincing or the act of trying to convince the hookup from the night before to perform oral sex the following morning, after she has just finished vomiting.
The Slaven doesn't work well when her breathe smells like cheap vodka and breadsticks and she's still drunk enough to slur her words.
by Mike "God" Ditka September 11, 2007
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Attempting to solicit fellatio the morning after sex, after the girl has vomitted. An alternate version involves cheeseburgers, in which one attempts to solicit fellatio the morning after sex, while eating a cheeseburger.
- That girl was so sick last night...
- Yeah, and you know what the best part was? This morning he tried the slaven, but she was too hungover and sloppy.
- Too bad.
- Yeah, but he told me the cheeseburger he got from Five Guys right before was delicious.
by ProbableCause October 07, 2007

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