A show that used to be inventive and funny until 2000 when matt groening(quote) "wanted to make it faster and funnier" which ruined the show and turned it into a family guy clone.
source of quote: Simpsons dvd.


guy1:dude did you see the old episode of The simpsons?

guy2: YEAH IT RULED!!!

guy1:Did you see the new episode?

guy2:Yeah, It sucked.
by bob November 26, 2003
I've always liked The Simpsons, and for all the people who are trying to act like "die hard" fans of the show.. You can't pick and choose seasons you like, and say others sucked, because that makes you a poser. Don't know the word? Look it up. Only a true fan would embrace EVERY episode, old OR new, and not bitch and complain like attention starved hookers about how it's gotten "stale" or whatever.. And as for all the rest who have nothing but negative shit to say about the show, why the fuck would you even be posting on this thread anyhow? oh, that's right! to get some god damn attention. So how about you run along and have mommy change your diapers, and come back when you've stopped acting like whiny ass cry baby bitches! The Simpsons always has been, and always will be great. And seems as though this is a thread about THE SIMPSONS, how about all you fucktard panty waste ass bags take your talk about other cartoons and put them where the fuck they belong...?
Random poster on Urban Dictionary threads: Hey let me leave a defenition on here that has absolutely nothing to do with The Simpsons.. And afterwards, I'll go cheat on the sheep with my sister, and later stick my baby dick all up in my dads ass, cause I'm a brain dead dick breathed ball-less bitch ya'll...
used to be an awesome show that came on FOX, but is now really boring.
Family guy is the new simpsons.
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
a television show on fox that USED to be funny, about 7 years ago. this is a show that is way past its prime and needs to be cancelled immediately if any simpsons fans are going to have any fond memories of the show, instead of being force fed the current crap every sunday at 8:00pm.
the simpsons suck now
by Jon January 16, 2004
A show that was once easily the best comedy on television but is now a shell of it's former self and easily one of the worst shows on TV.
Todays episodes always resort to guest stars and plots that change to much and make little sense. There often doesn't seem to be a storyline to an episode. Like it just trods along but does nothing.
by Cale January 02, 2004
Let me tell all of you stupid ass clowns,we dont care if you dont like the same things we do.So go FUCK OFF!
Hahahaha! You like the Simpsons and they suck!
Me:Could I give less of a fuck?
by Gman May 05, 2003
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