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Half man half shrimp creature said to be living under Pompano Beach Pier since the late 1940’s. The story goes that when a 53-year-old construction worker died when making repairs on one of the old light posts half way out on the pier. He was electrocuted and fell into a swarm of shrimp and disappeared never to return again as human but as a deformed version with shrimp like appendages. It is said that numerous children fishing for shrimp bait have went missing over the years. Some say The Shrimp Man uses them as bait for his meals. The local Government has denied any likely hood of this happening but sources close to Pier officials say that there is a cover-up as to not upset tourism dollars. To this day, there have been hundreds of sightings.
The Shrimp Man and his shell, eat the entrails of a thousand child.
by ATSW November 01, 2009
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