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Similar to "The Shocker", "The Shiv" is a sexual act that involves forming a W with your hand like the Westside Gang sign. The dominant partner gives the more subtle female partner pleasure by inserting the middle and ring fingers into her vagina and the pinky finger of the same hand into her anus. This leaves the index finger free to manipulate her clitoris leading to maximal stimulation. She is pleasured by the slow/fast thrusting of the hand in and out of the orifices.
She went wild when i gave her The Shiv
by Dr.Shiv February 08, 2011
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A Shiv is a hand-crafted blade-like weapon used to stab fellow inmates in prison
He ratted us out. Next day, he got shivved.
by styxstyxstyx July 29, 2004
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What happens when rough fabric rubs onto your nipples and causes chafed scabby nipples.
"My basketball jersey fucked up my nips dude, I think I have The Shivs." or "I feel bad, biting Karen's breasts may have givin her The Shivs."
by The Game February 09, 2003
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