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The "Shift" is when a guy (sometimes a gal) goes from DFS to DFL. Sometimes it happens because he has been dating seriously and sees the long-term potential or possibly has experienced lovematism. Sometimes it happens because he is bored with superficial one-night-stands or FWB and wants to settle down with one woman.

The "Shift" is when a guy leaves the dateship boards the relationship.
Guy One to Guy Two: "Are you going through THE SHIFT? Stop that crazy talk about her being 'the one.'"

Susan to Jane: "Wow, he's so mature for his age to have gone through THE SHIFT."
by Love Linguist April 29, 2010
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what irish people call snogging or making out

a fridget has never had the shift
i got the shift last night

he got shifted at school

she has never had the shift

by ginger gurl February 26, 2013
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