When a girl is orally stimulating a guy, with a bare chest her breasts clap together like a seal.
When this chick bossed me up she did the seal.
by Patrick Loomis, Scott Rosenberg February 20, 2005
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Urinating after drinking booze because the feeling was too strong to hold back. After breaking The Seal urination comes almost every minute.
Damn dude I broke the seal, now I'm gonna be pissing all night.
by CB July 21, 2004
When a woman is giving a man oral gratification and her breasts begin to clap.
Man, she was giving me head and she got the seal! It was awesome!
by Patrick Loomis April 21, 2005
A sex move that will result in a hoe looking and sounding like a seal.
The seal - When you are banging a hoe from behind, reach down over her face, using to fingers as hooks, grab her nose and pull up. With no place to go, she will swing her arms and sound like a seal as she is saying uhuh, uhuh, uhuh
by Angry Monkey Nutz July 08, 2009
A mouth to mouth seal that must be created when kissing in public to ensure the comfort of any who may witness the kiss, particularly involving hiding the tongue contact.
Yuck, those people just broke the seal!
by Bevan McBevan October 14, 2010

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