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Named after the talented, homosexual actor, Ryan Seacrest, the Seacrest Special involves one partner taking a toothbrush, covering it in toothpaste, and then brushing around the other partner's anus (ie, asshole). The intended goal is to remove any excess buildup around the anus, while providing rimmers with a healthy alternative to eating an unclean ass. Ryan Seacrest, president of the North American Sit On My Face club, wholeheartedly approves of this position, and encourages people to use Crest, preferrably peppermint for that extra special tingle.
I'm Ryan Seacrest and I approve of this message: With Crest's new multi-tarter bleaching toothpaste, the Seacrest Special has never been better!

by Pitt the Younger December 05, 2007
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