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When you take a trip to mexico, sneek onto a pig farm find the sickest fatest and grubest swine flu pig, mount it while holding its tail for clear vision and entrance to the anus then shove your dick in and fuck it till shits on you. Then you come around to its mouth and make IT give you a sloppy BJ. while you jizz in its mouth it sneezes on your cock then you take it spread it on your cock like butter and then suck your dick. IF YOU DO THIS YOU HAVE DONE THE SAVAS.
Last week in Cancun
i snuck onto a farm destoryed the fattest pig with my humungous horse penis (the pig was sick)then i got a BJ form it and cam. while i cam it blew boogers on my cock afterwards i spreaded the mucus all over my dick and sucked it off. Two weeks later i came back home and died of swine flu and gave it to the whole country. the savas has just happened to me.
by savas sketch May 01, 2009
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