A moron who has no idea of puctuation or proper spelling. Hates Miles Nightfire for no clear reason.
(quoted from Sanjuro)
To Miles nifghtfire
FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. Well miles Guess what I didn't do that instead i rented killzone and metal gear solid 3 snake eater and pretend all the enemies were you.
by Sam February 14, 2005
Top Definition
An suck-up bastard that can't spell "Forum" right or anything properly, thinks he listens to heavy metal when he obviously only likes NU-Metal (Korn).
Makes new forums all the time and makes everybody admins because or else he won't get any members.
And problaby the only Christian Buddist ever.
Quote (Sanjuro):
"teh bible sasy taht u shuold respket all other liveing beigns"
"I nevr ever read the damn bible"
A bit later:
"there may be a possibility taht i masterbate in teh showre"
by The Virus April 09, 2005
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