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Verb. The sexual act of steamrolling your partner then taking the fecal matter, blending it up and throwing it at a canvas. Once the canvas is prepped, the subjects will continue to have sex on the canvas. Fecal matter from both partners can be used to add a more textured effect.

Warning: Use goggles and safe sexual practices while performing this technique in the bedroom. Pink eye is a common side effect. In order to avoid this, the couple is recommended to wear eye protection such as goggles or safety glasses.
"I hear this piece was created using The Salvador Dali technique." - Art connoisseur

"Do you have your squash goggles?"
"Yeah they are in my closet downstairs. Why?"
"Were going to try The Salvador Dali Technique tonight, i have a bit of an art bug to pan out." - Piet Mondrean/One of many mistresses
by Chuckfrost September 08, 2011

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