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(NOTE) – The Caller can call each of the Sacred Six, with the exception of Genuswine, as Genuswine cannot be called as it is considered a normal conversation. For example, one would not interrupt a conversation to tell the person they are telling the truth, as that is absurd.

The Elaboration Approval.
After the Caller has made a correct call, the Actor then mirrors/mimics the Callers call (with the exception of the verbal component of the call) granting approval of the call, ONLY if the Actor was in fact acting. If the Actor is being Genuswine, then any negatively associated action or word can be considered a rejection for an elaboration of a call. If the Elaboration Approval is rejected, the game ends here and the Caller is looked down upon for claiming the Actor was acting, when in fact they were being Genuswine.

The Explanation.
The Caller deciphers the Actors act and attempts to recognise, identify and “call” which of the Sacred Six (excluding Genuswine) the Actor is performing. The Explanation can often be lengthy depending on the complexity and depth of the act, as the Caller must consider each of the 5 performable acts.

The Answer.
This is the completion of the game, as the Actor then reveals if what the Caller has called is correct or incorrect.

• There is no winning or losing in the Sacred Six, there is only approval, appreciation, disappointment and disgust.
• Each player can be a Caller and an Actor at any point in the game.
*After having smoked 3/5 joints*
Jake - "Bro there's only one jay left"
Nilz - "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" *whilst pointing*
Jake - *Smiles and points back approvingly*
Nilz - "Hmmm... Occasional Fuckery!!!"
Jake - "Well played you ganjster"

by The Ganjsters September 29, 2011

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