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• Jokin’ – A simple comment, statement or question that is generally called by the Caller very quickly, and is usually humorously related.

E.g. Stating to be raised by wolves.
• Testin’ – An act performed with the sole intention to test the Callers character/level of ganjed/calmness/sexuality.
E.g. The Actor may fuck up rotation by purposely taking the joint or handing the joint out of turn to test the “test subjects” calmness/level of ganj. If the subject is chill/unaware enough to disregard the fact that it is THEIR turn, then the subject has passed the test, i.e they are ganjed.
• Shannonin’ – Named after the great cockroach, Shannonin’ is used with the sole purpose to annoy the Caller.
E.g. Continual interruptions of stories, light poking, or constant verbal annoyance.
• Genuswine – When a call has been made, yet the assumed Actor is not performing any of the Sacred Six.
E.g. Saying something that is true, and being mistaken by a Caller to be one of the 5 performable acts.

(NOTE) - This is not a performable act.
*After having smoked 3/5 joints*
Jake - "Bro there's only one jay left"
Nilz - "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" *whilst pointing*
Jake - *Smiles and points back approvingly*
Nilz - "Hmmm... Occasional Fuckery!!!"
Jake - "Well played you ganjster"

by The Ganjsters September 29, 2011

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