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1: Being given the accolades/benefits according to one's station as a member of the ruling class.

2: A promotion by Taco Bell in the Denver metropolitan area, in which: two (2) tacos are given for free with the purchase of a beverage upon the successful scoring of two (2) touchdowns by the Denver Broncos in a single game, as sponsored by the wide reciever Eddie Royal.

3: A sexual act in which a gentleman gives a lady a pearl crown (orgasms on the forhead or hair) whilst the lady sucks his testacles and strokes the shaft of his penis during the gentleman's bowel movement.
I want my girlfriend to give me the royal treatment.


Eddie Royal always gets the royal treatment.


Your mom gave me and Eddie Royal "the royal treatment", bitch.
#taco #broncos #steamer #oral #regal
by lo_crutis September 09, 2009
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Right before male ejaculation while receiving dome, forcefully feed that bitch a shot of Crown Royal and BOOM! Tell her to swish around and enjoy!
Julie is such a cunt bag that she asked me when I was going to start treating her like the princess she is. I quickly responded with the Royal Treatment, and now she doesn't bitch anymore.
#cunt whore #crown royal #jizz #man batter #monkey love
by King Balls February 23, 2008
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