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The Royal Family, also known as The KR3W, is a clique that was established in 2013, after two smaller groups, The Kings and the 53-86 Boys decided to join together.

This clique/gang is based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and is made up of local teens. They are remain somewhat anonymous, only using their street names or aliases with only the hierarcy knowing the true identity of all the members. Presently, there is about 50-75 members. Members are often seen wearing caps and tees with the KR3W logo or Royal Family logo.
Girls that are attracted to these guys are referred to as KR3WPIES. These aren't the girlfriends of the members, they are hoes that just like knowing them, much like groupies.
Known hangouts include TCHS, St Lucie West and Sportsman Park.
Yeah, Bro don't mess with him, he's in the KR3W, he's part of The Royal Family.
by mang fang September 30, 2013
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Although they have no real power in the UK, the royal family are still very important to the British people.

In many ways they represent everything that is traditionally British.

However, their different roles and positions can appear complicated and confusing.
God Save the Queen and The Royal Family
by ar129 November 30, 2010

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