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A sexual position adopted by the late Septimus Decimus Octavius III in Goth occupied Rome. It is said that no position could match The Roman Sledge Hammer, which involves a man performing multiple cartwheels into his required orifice whilst clenching seedless olives in between his toes. This position was later beaten by the feared Bosnian Quiche.
"I gave her a right good Roman Sledge Hammering last night" Jeff.
"Did you use the seedless green olives from Sainsburies I told you about?" Joe.
"Well... yes, but they were stuffed with Feta cheese!" Jeff
"Then you didn't fucking perform The Roman Sledge Hammer you cunt, (See cunt) Octavius himself would be turning in his grave!" Joe
by Lel Cordell April 27, 2008
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