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An ignorant user that spends all of his time in a Pojo. He spends all of his waking hours on Pojo, typing inane YuGiOh theories even though he has no competitive experience. If you happen to point out a flaw in one of his arguments, he will ignore you or make a horrible analogy. He is constantly accompanied by the hermaphrodite Nuuuuf and the equally misguided troll T-Drag. If you ever venture into the dark section of Pojo's Banned and Restricted section, watch out for this freak and his gang of lackeys.
1: Stop! It's Logic Time!
2: Random Poster: The Quiff, your analogies are terrible.
The Quiff: Would you rather: A: Catch a disease, but be cured afterward.
B: Have a vaccination so that disease can never affect you.
Random Poster: Dude, this is a YuGiOh forum.
The Quiff: <ignores post>
3: The Quiff: Come, my minions!
*random trolls and tools from Pojo pop up*
by DantedaKing23 August 28, 2008
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