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Real Definition:This scrumptious purple plant comes out of Mendocino County, in northern California, where she began as a clone-only plant among the medical marijuana community. BC Bud Depot has developed a stable cross to make Purps seeds available. The Purps is good in indoor and outdoor environments, finishing well in a coastal British Columbia climate.

The Purps is a pungent girl with medium thick leaves and green hues that turn more purple as the plant ripens. Her moderate side branching makes her amendable to both pruning for a sea of green garden, and, alternatively, encouraging her to spread out as a multi-branch plant. BC Bud Depot prefers growing The Purps in soil with medium organic feedings, because it enhances the flavors in this mooth and complex strain - hints of buttery caramel coffee and woodsy floral pine.

Indoors, The Purps reaches an average 3-4 feet at harvest, while outdoors she can grow to 6 or 8 feet. Her hight can be controlled by shortening the vegetative phase, which may also influence her final crop. The Purps' indoor yields range from 1.5 to 2.5 ounces per plant, while outdoor plants will produce 4-5 ounces each. These plants require 8-9 weeks to finish, which places harvest in the last half of October. Although she is a hrady, pest-resistant strain, the Purps is more suited for gardeners with a few crops under their belts.

The buds are tasty looking and smelling, with deep purple coloring and a frosting of resin. The flavors are soothing and tantalizing, lingering pleasurably on the tongue. The Purps high soars into a longlasting purple haze of playful euphoria. It produces an active, awake feeling with a very low burnout factor. A nice antidote to depression, these rich flavored buds turn the blues to the Purps.
Hey ben whats your favorite weed The Purps Lol!!!
by Nickolaz July 13, 2009
Despite it's widely excepted use as slang for Purple haze, or Purple Kush (extremely Potent Strains of Marijuana), "The Purps" or "Da Purps" is a sativa/indica hybrid strain of marijuana and is not the same as purple haze or kush.
Hey bro i just got some of The Purps and som OG in. Hit me Up.
by Fatboyinc December 03, 2007
Purple and orange marijuana. Derived from purple haze.
Lets get some of the PURP. or That purp was bomb!
by Purp Man January 20, 2009
Any kind of stubborn student within a university, who is a raging alcoholic, has no regard for others, constantly screams obscenities in the presence of minorities or members of the opposite sex. This individual usually mutters fragments or phrases of ridiculous pointless banter in public. Also, this person might disrobe their garments in public and embarrass themselves. In addition, this person constantly refers to themselves in the third person. This particular individual usually obtains a certain phenomenon known as a "KOOG". Finally, this person persistently speaks in the past tense usually speaking small commands such as "has it".

Friend: "Dude what's up?"......PURP: "HOWS IT PURPIN PURPY?!"


Friend#1: "Dude, I heard there's this sick party going on with an open bar."

Friend#2: "Oh shit, I heard that the sober-purp is working it."

Friend#1: "Sweet! I'm stoked."


Friend#1: "Dude, that guy just chugged like 28 beers in a row."

Friend#2: "Hahaha dude I know, that guy is THE PURP."
by ZoobaPooba April 04, 2011
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