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Receiving oral sex while simultaneously using your partner's head as a means to roll a blunt.
I wanted to smoke before having sexual relations but she had to get up early. The Professional satified both of our needs.
by Mrk T December 06, 2007
When a man rolls over his girlfriends chest pinning her arms down with his knees while proceeding to masturbate on her face and persons.
Yo adam last night my girlfriend ashley was being such a bitch, so right before she fell asleep i decided to pay her back with The Professional and I really made a mess.
by DiArRhEaJeSsE May 01, 2011
unsigned hype
a new original krew, of three young upcoming artists with a lot of protention - R. "Blur" Robbins, J, "JRE" Epperson, and T.o.DD

Professional Entertainment, Inc.
Blurry Studios, Inc.
©Pro.Ent. 2004
We the Pro-fess--You know.
by randy [blur] robbins June 27, 2004
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