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(the pro-cras-tin-a-tor)

A post-coital activity where a male finds himself relunctant to exit the spent orifice due to the excessive cum-fort , the male often holds on to this moment by distracting the female with a decoy.
To successfully perform the procrastinator, one might need to be equipped with a vivid imagination (e.g. 'Babe! I can't move because the fairy godmother told me not to'), a certain sense of cynicism (e.g. Babe! I can't move coz the condom is about to break) or physical characteristics (the obese are at an advantage here, as the women will not be able to push them off).
Example of The Procrastinator 1:

Female: ehhh... i think were done...

Male: I love you! (if said for the first time, this allows for maximal residence time in the spent orifice, with the added bonus of hugs and kisses)

Example The Procrastinator 2:

Female: Babe that was great!
(30 second wait)

Male: I...
(30 second wait)

(30 second wait)

(30 second wait)

Male: Eyes...
(30 second wait)

(30 second wait)

(30 second wait)

Example The Procrastinator 3:

Male: Those roofies work wonders!
by Its-going-to-be-a-thing! April 15, 2011

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BUM BUM BUM. Evil nemesis of wordCarrie. Power: Procrastinationability. Weakness: Finishing things she needs to d
by NO July 05, 2003