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Doin the pretzel to a girl is when you put your dick in a pretzel and stick it in her PUUUUSSSSAAAAAYY!

Akhtar: "so dude i was at a party and this babe was all over Petroski and you know what she said... tell em Petroski"

Petroski: "she was like Petroski why don't you turn your dick into a pretzel and stick it up my PUUUSSSSSAAAAYY!"

thats "The Pretzel"
by B.i.g. Pappa March 09, 2009
Fucking oneself with own feet thus looking like a pretzel.
"Oh, man. I was with Sally last night, we were having sex, then she did The Pretzel!"
"No way, dude! How did she do it?!"
"I don't know, but it was way hot."

sex love cute
by Penrose August 17, 2014
The Pretzel is the practice of a girl pooping halfway.The male then gives the poop head then shoves it back into the girls butt.
"Please will you do the pretzel with me?"
by blinkavaplus44gc March 17, 2008
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