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The Ponds at Willow Falls are a group of apartment buildings that lie right on the border of the townships of Westmont and Darien in suburban Illinois. The housing development is a recipient of the Section 8 Federal Housing Program. What this means is that the Ponds are, as Obi-Wan famously said, "A wretched hive of scum and villany". The buildings have fallen into disrepair after being inhabited by lazy, morally dubious sleazebags. Several incidents have been documented where inhabitants of The Ponds have crossed the street into much nicer Orchard Gate townhomes in order to commit vandalism and robbery. The Ponds are constantly monitored by police, and are a thorn in the side of the Wastmont police department.
"Do you know that kid from across the street? DreShawn or something? I heard he got arrested for shoplifting." "Yeah, the guy's a scumbag. He probably lives in The Ponds at Willow Falls."
by ProfessorMcAwesome April 22, 2009
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