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A tantric sex technique in which a man and a woman remain joined in penetrative sex for a long period of time, with neither partner trying to achieve orgasm at any time.

So called because "you stay in all day, but nobody comes".
Lily and I stayed in bed all day last Sunday and tried The Plumber for 7 hours. She was still sore the following morning.
by tropical January 10, 2009
When a friend, partner or acquaintance plugs your anus with their fist when you have an extreme case of diarrhea, thus stopping the leak. If done incorrectly, the excrement will run down the partner's arm.
Ex 1: Bob: Aww man, I've got anal leakage again. Time to call the plumber

Joe: ... What the fuck is wrong with you?

Ex 2: Maria! Your crappy Mexican food gave me an assquake!

Give me the good old plumber!
by Mr. Normous November 08, 2011
sticking a womans head in the toilet while fucking her in the ass
Blaize: Did you bang her?

Cheetoh: Yeah i gave her the plumber
by DA Cheetoh February 25, 2009
The act of taking a plunger and plunging at a girl's clitoris until she orgasms. Can also be a form of masterbation.
Don't use that plunger to unclog the toilet... I like to play The Plumber with your sister.
by #c'estlavie April 01, 2011
The act of using a plunger to extract shit from your partners booty. Then try to shove it back up the anal canal.
Yo man I showed Mary the plumber last night.
by Tyler and Mike November 16, 2007

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