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A place amidst the fuckitude that is the MSN web domain, where both hypocrites and cyber fuck buddies make their home. Owned and operated by the supreme n00b-pwner, woman-deceiver, Del, it has served to bring and hold tens of thousands of people into a single place for MSN to plague and spunk on them advertisments of useless "Windows Live" software.
I feel like internet drama, followed by cyber sex with fat girls on webcam. I think I need to go to TPC. (The Players Club)
by MSN Penthouse December 07, 2006
11 4
So, TPC Means "The Players Club". Therefore entering this chatroom you are entering under supervision of quite a few "wannabe" players, but because they're behind a screen they can act a lot "gangster" than they actually are.
The Players Club -

User M: Hey, any chicks about?
User F: im here...
User M: u got a cam?
User F: yea why?
User M: ... Fancy it?
User F: lol
User F: Erm....
User M: Come on, I only wanna show you come puppies
User F: Ok.
User M: Del was here, 2007.
by Wayne-Fcuck3r September 13, 2007
6 3