The Pike School is located in Andover, Massachussets. It costs an obscene amount amount of money each year, and the money goes to Mrs. Russel's retirement fund. None goes to the school, for they are too cheap to even pay for a janitor. Instead, when children don't follow the rules, such as not bringing cheeze-its outside, THREEE LUNCH DUTIES are given, by Mrs. Gordon, and children must act as the janitor for three days. The school is occupied by two major groups of people. The first group consists of asians and indians. They are required to get above a b+ on everything, or the will not receive rice. The second group is douchebags and girls who think they are cool. They are commonly known to take selfies, pretend that they are stupid, but get a+'s on everything they do, dress like preps.
1. Here at The Pike School, we support a positive communit- THROWING SNOW???? THREEEEEEE LUNCH DUTIESs

2. B+????? NO RICE FOR YOU!!!!!

3. 0mg. $t0p. jst $t0p. ur t4k1ng t3h byuty frm t3h r3st of t3h wurld.
by ffsshh July 13, 2011

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