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1. The nickname given to the team that does good during the season, and chokes everytime in the playoffs/championships.
2. Just plain sucks donkey balls.
"Man, the Eagles suck ass. Why do they always gotta pull a Philly Eagles and lose? Why do hicks like the Eagles? That's all you see are rednecks and retards and fat-ass mo'fo hicks at Eagles games thinking their team will actually win a Super Bowl. THE EAGLES SUCK!"
by Dude-y McDudeDude November 21, 2004

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The misspelling of an NFL team by somebody who accuses "Eagles" fans of being rednecks and retards, and needs to buy a mirror... and a dictionary.
The Philadelphia Eagels suck!
Correction: The Philadelphia Eagles suck!
They don't though. At least not right now.
by L August 08, 2007