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A stunning sexual maneuver which can only be performed by a pro-style athletic type, much like the pro quarterback its named after. The move stems from what quarterbacks have done right before the hike during NFL games. It involves the female counterpart squatting over the man's genitals and acting as if his lob-on is a football awaiting to be hiked. The female then licks the tips of her fingers mimicking the quarterbacks that do the same before the hike to get their hands nice and lubricated. The female then yells "hike!" and the man lifts his lob-on into her awaking moist hands and she quote "goes to town on his dick with her hands" with and swift up and down motion. This will eventually lead to a touchdown for both players involved, where the seaman shoots into the female's face to metaphorically symbolize the Gatorade bath Peyton would receive upon throwing a game winning touchdown.

Can be also be referred to as getting "Payton".
- "The Peyton Manning is the best thing that has ever happened to football"

- Dude: "Hey bitch, would you like to play football with me?"
- Bitch: "Yes!! I love football!"
- Dude: "Well can you give me some Peyton Manning after?"
- Bitch: "I'll show you how to throw a spiral."

- "Man, I totally want to get some Peyton tonight."

- "I want to go all Peyton Manning up in his shit."
by The Inventor of April 11, 2011
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