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The act of making love to a women, then immediately afterward when asked if you love her and suddenly coming to the conclusion that you do not, respond with a short pause, a shake of the head, and a resounding yet quiet, "no" simultaneously breaking up with her... you then drive her home.
Justin pulled The Peterson on his girlfriend. The ride home was very awkward.
by Urban-Dick-Tionary September 22, 2009
american from colorado - age unknown (somewhere between 13 and 30 ) with mayor drinking problems and a hobo-car.
common behavior :

excessive drinking
random crowd surfing in bars
common sexual partner :

2. Doin´ the Peterson refers to acting like a drunk idiot while chasing after fat german chicks ( commonly known as schweinekopf )
Random idiot 1 : "Hey have you seen Peterson?"
Random idiot 2 : "No but he can´t be that far, I can smell his car 5 miles away"

Drunk idiot 1 : "omg im so wasted ... i think im gonna try to fuck a fat japanese exchange student"
Drunk idiot 2 : "yeah dude ... do the Peterson"
by schweinekopf777 March 22, 2010
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