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Slang term for genetal herpes. Looks Cute and cuddly on the outside, but "The Panda" can be mean and vicious.
1) I slept with this hot chick last night, but the bitch gave me the panda

2) Watch out for that slut. She has the panda...

3) I really want to sleep with this girl. But I think she has the panda

4) The panda is like a fruitcake. You get it at least once a year but you never want it

5) If you have it, The Panda is the gift that keeps on giving...If you want it or not...
by x_hunter_x March 10, 2011
Pablo Sandavol of the San Francisco Giants
The Panda hit a 2 run homer!
by unkknownxxxx August 22, 2011
The sexual act of fucking a girl while smoking a blunt at the same time.
"Dude, I gave this chick The Panda last night. It was amazing! What could be better than smoking weed and fucking?"
by Panda OMG November 27, 2009
when you cum on a person's face and punch them in both eyes. the resulting bruised and cum laden face is known as 'the panda'.
'I love a little bukkake session...I also like it rough. PUNCH ME IN THE FUCKING FACE!'
"AIGHT, BITCH" *Thwat* Thwat*
"Yeahhhh" *Looks into the mirror* "I look like Kung Fu Panda"

by Fo_Sho March 21, 2012