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A specific act performed during sexual intercourse in which the male participant (who must initially be wearing a shirt) removes said shirt thus revealing that he is completely wired for a suicide bombing mission. He then screams "Allah o Akbar" (or whatever other arabic nonsense suicide bombers say) just prior to detonating himself, or "spanking" his sexual parter. It is important to note that sex of the other participant is generally not known due to the wearing of the full burka covering the body and face the entity being fucked. This entity can also be referred to as "it:.
Entity being fucked: I better not touch the guy fucking me due to the clinical nature of muslim sex to see if he is wearing a bomb. Plus since I'm a muslim woman consensual sex is the same as rape so I'll just lay here and do nothing.

Suicide bomber: Well, at least I'm going out with a bang using the Pakistani Spanker! (After bombing...) Damn you Mohammed, I just blew myself up and the 72 virgins are just fat Cheetos eating nerds playing world of warcraft.
by Dr VonHugenstein November 12, 2011
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