Top Definition
When you punch someone in the gut, crumpling him over, then punch that person in the face.
Mike Tyson beat him with the old 1-2.

Note -- Also carries ambiguous sexual connotation.

Bill: I gave her the old 1-2.
Ted: ... dude, fucking wifebeater.
by My Fist February 09, 2006
Butt to mouth
"I'd like to give her the old 1-2."

"What's the Old 1-2?"

"Butt to mouth. I'd butt her to mouth any day."
by Catfish96763737 October 06, 2011
sex act where you eat the girls pussy, then fuck her in the ass. Also known as the Lick & Stick.
I'd sure like to do the old 1-2 on Paula every week.
by bread infection January 02, 2006
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