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1) A word for a sexual practice that doesn't mean anything.

2) A reference to sex that isn't crude
The following sexual induendo's are real and make sence:

The Angry Dragon
The Spiderman

But no matter how you try and think about it 'The Ol' Knife Fork and Spoon' can not be thought of as dirty.
by !!GrEeK-BoY!! March 02, 2005
Slang replacement in the play "The Temple" because "The Ol' Crab Stick doggystyle" was deemed to explicit.
Laurie: Give her the Ol' knife fork & spoon eh!! haha
Audience Member1: Oh thats disgusting!
Audience Member2: Quite right!
Audience Member3: What the fuck does it mean?
by El*Duche February 27, 2005
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