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A database/forum for Oakley enthusiasts and collectors. Simply put, a terribly unhealthy place to spend time. My advice is to be careful of how other users influence you, but be more careful of your wallet's girth.

Also known as "The O-Review" or just "O-Review"
Timothy used to be your average bachelor. Fresh out of college with a solid career in the making. One night while aimlessly browsing the internet, he came across The Oakley Review. He saw the expansize collections of sunglasses, and hordes of merchandise . He temporarily dismissed it all, thinking, "who the hell would spend that much money on a bunch sunglasses that no metrosexual would ever wear?" The answer was that he would. Within a year, Tim garnered a collection of over 200 pairs of shades, thirty posters (both vintage and recent), countless stickers and lanyards, five watches, and two display towers to lock them all within. He even invested in the company by purchasing a few shares.

Unfortunately, Tim never saw the light until it was too late; Tim continued to collect until he lost his apartment. To keep a roof under his head, he had to sell every piece of Oakley he owned. Over those two years, all he really achieved was Collector of the Month. He claims it to be his most prideful accomplishment to this day.
by http://experience May 12, 2007
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