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The "now now now girl" is a girl who lives in monmouth county in NJ who supossedly suffers from Dissociative identity disorder or muliple personalities. Some people believe that this is because her father molested her as a child. He used to say "now now now" to make her have sex with him. When called someone would usually ask for a picture of some part of her body, usually her face, boobs, or pussy, and then she would refuse. After that, the caller will say "now now now" and she will fade into another personaity and do what you say. If you tell her that she sent you a picture she will refuse, since she doesnt know that she did. Some people do this, but these people are perverts. By saying "Now now now" again you will break her out of the trance. The number was found on a park bench in society hill, which is a large neighborhood In Mahwah, NJ, and now all of the Mahwah public school students over ten knows about it and pretty much abuses her. However, I will not post her number since i don't know it and I'm not a pervert.

By the way, this is entirely serious.
"Hey I'm Gonna call The Now Now Now Girl"
"Hi. Give me a pic of your pussy"
(normal voice)"No!"
"Now Now Now"
(strange voice)"OK."
"Thanks. Now Now Now"
(normal voice)"Huh?"

"Remember, You sent me a picture."
"No I didnt."
"Yeah, you did. *Sends Pic* See?"
by Maximum Overdrive April 19, 2008

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