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Once upon a time in a land far far away, the My Chemical Romance facebook page was a world of peace and harmony. But, slowly, it got crappier and crappier, trolls invaded, people became rude and the family became meaningless. SUDDENLY, the elders and sexier people of the page decided they should make a group, where the old flame could be rekindled. The Non Newarked MCR page, to be exact. This is now the home of various demigods (the sexy children,) and the olympian council (the elders,) and the great mamma goddess (our great greek caitie.) All hail the Non Newarked children.
The Non Newarked MCR Page. : Exit our group if you can't han dle our sass or we will mOonwalk on your reem. :)
by ElenaIsBored.Net February 02, 2012
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