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Delicious sandwich made of Kielbasi Loaf, fried egg, Cooper Sharp cheese, and hot sauce all served on a National Bakery Roll. Great for anytime of the day or night. A sure hangover cure.
"Man, I got plowed last night."

"Lemme get you The Newman, and you'll feel fine"

#newman #sandwich #kielbasi #hangover #national bakery
by L0NEW0lf41 February 11, 2010
An act in which a male inserts his penis into the females bellybutton, penetrating the skin. Warning Dangerous....may result in bloodshed
Disclaimer - for innie's only
Danny: Man I totally gave Brogan The Newman last night
Nick: Man you're sick!....Did she bleed?
#blood #sex #bellybutton #penis #dirt
by Stuart T February 27, 2008
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