A progressive, famous, non-traditional university in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood.

You know you go to The New School when most of your classmates are bilingual or trilingual, a third of them have written books, and the girl who sits next to you opened at Carnegie Hall last week. (Yet for all their fancypants achievements, you know that your classmates are really just laid-back neo-hippies.)

Peace, love, and Nietzsche, man.
It's said you can't graduate from The New School unless you participate in at least one weird protest.
by zigzag_peanutbutter September 13, 2010
A high-ranking university in New York City. Despite being a "peace and guitars"-type college, New School is characterized by its brutal homework loads, spartan attendance policy, long academic years, and very few days off.

Basically where you can get a kick-ass education...after getting your ass kicked.
I missed three classes so I failed for the entire semester. Ah well. That's The New School for you.
by NeeewSkooooo November 14, 2010
A university in downtown Manhattan (Greenwich Village) that really, really wants to be NYU, going so far as to have many of its buildings mere blocks away. Populated mostly by kids who didn't or couldn't get into NYU. Had a controversy in 2006 when it switched to just "The New School" from "The New School University" and changed its logo from a standard collegiate shield to what looks like a spray-painted tag. Many people called them out for failing to maintain academic integrity.

Considered to be more avant-garde than your standard university. Actually more or less where rich people send their kids who want an excuse to live in New York City for four (or more) years without working.

Despite the bad rap it has, it's got an extensive list of notable past faculty including Frank O'Hara, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Woody Allen, as well as a pretty long list of notable alumni, including Sufjan Stevens, Jonah Hill, and Marc Jacobs (note that the people I just listed didn't go on to enter academic careers).

People that go there tend to be a toss-up between arrogant, hipster, "I'm-better-than-you-because-I-read-more" pricks and honest, cool people. On the whole the student body seems to be much more artier and hip than most schools across the country, and why not? It's New York City!

On the school's website, they tend to stress the fact that The New School is in New York City more than anything else (very few mentions of academic integrity, student life, etc. In fact, it's very hard to find information on dorms).

Many of the schools within the university have ridiculously long and confusing names. They are:
- The New School for General Studies
- The New School for Social Research
- Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy
- Parsons The New School for Design
- Eugene Lange College The New School for Liberal Arts
- Mannes College The New School for Music
- The New School for Drama
- The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
"My grades aren't high enough to get into Columbia or NYU and God knows I won't go to Pace, so I'm going to Eugene Lange College The New School for Liberal Arts."

Person 1: "Well I really enjoyed the didactic undertones in many of Georges Batailles novels."
Person 2: "Did you read 'Story of the Eye'?"
Person 1: "Ugh, how disgusting! Of course not, that's the one that everybody knows; it's too mainstream for me. I prefer to subvert the norm."
Person 2: "Where did you say you went again?"
Person 1: "The New School."
by happygoluckytime December 31, 2008
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