A university in downtown Manhattan (Greenwich Village) that really, really wants to be NYU, going so far as to have many of its buildings mere blocks away. Populated mostly by kids who didn't or couldn't get into NYU. Had a controversy in 2006 when it switched to just "The New School" from "The New School University" and changed its logo from a standard collegiate shield to what looks like a spray-painted tag. Many people called them out for failing to maintain academic integrity.

Considered to be more avant-garde than your standard university. Actually more or less where rich people send their kids who want an excuse to live in New York City for four (or more) years without working.

Despite the bad rap it has, it's got an extensive list of notable past faculty including Frank O'Hara, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Woody Allen, as well as a pretty long list of notable alumni, including Sufjan Stevens, Jonah Hill, and Marc Jacobs (note that the people I just listed didn't go on to enter academic careers).

People that go there tend to be a toss-up between arrogant, hipster, "I'm-better-than-you-because-I-read-more" pricks and honest, cool people. On the whole the student body seems to be much more artier and hip than most schools across the country, and why not? It's New York City!

On the school's website, they tend to stress the fact that The New School is in New York City more than anything else (very few mentions of academic integrity, student life, etc. In fact, it's very hard to find information on dorms).

Many of the schools within the university have ridiculously long and confusing names. They are:
- The New School for General Studies
- The New School for Social Research
- Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy
- Parsons The New School for Design
- Eugene Lange College The New School for Liberal Arts
- Mannes College The New School for Music
- The New School for Drama
- The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
"My grades aren't high enough to get into Columbia or NYU and God knows I won't go to Pace, so I'm going to Eugene Lange College The New School for Liberal Arts."

Person 1: "Well I really enjoyed the didactic undertones in many of Georges Batailles novels."
Person 2: "Did you read 'Story of the Eye'?"
Person 1: "Ugh, how disgusting! Of course not, that's the one that everybody knows; it's too mainstream for me. I prefer to subvert the norm."
Person 2: "Where did you say you went again?"
Person 1: "The New School."
by happygoluckytime December 31, 2008
Top Definition
Hogwarts, but with eight houses.
It was The New School First Year Sorting.

An Asian girl in a sleek, black coat she made herself put on the hat and sat down. A moment's pause -

"PARSONS!" shouted the hat.

A boy lugging a huge cello and large stack of sheet music (containing his own compositions, of course) came next.

"MANNES!" shouted the hat again."
by UnionSquarez August 08, 2009
A university for students who - at some point in their lives - decided "education" means more than vomiting up good grades.
Schmoe: Hey, do you remember our high school valedictorian?
Joe: Yeah, what happened to her anyway?
Schmoe: She decided she was sick of dancing at CollegeBoard's feet like an idiot circus poodle. Now she's a published slam poet at The New School!
by NYCNights June 28, 2009
Where admissions officers scour the globe, round up the most radical/artistic/generally eccentric people they can find, and bring them to Greenwich Village to earn degrees.

Legendary for the disproportionately high number of famous writers, artists, and musicians it has produced.

For public safety, the university really should have a sign in front of it reading: "Abandon all hope, ye conservatives who enter here." It's just not right to deny people of a fair warning.
Kerry: *points upwards* Look! People rioting on a roof!
Bob: That's one of The New School's buildings.
Kerry: Oh...
by PlaywrightX December 13, 2009
A prestigious university in New York City.

Considered one of the best institutions in the world for writing, art, music, and theater, The New School is very selective. It admits students with high GPAs, strong SAT scores, and a history in sociopolitical activism. Creativity is a must.

New Schoolers are notorious for their leftist, and sometimes radical, politics.
Hipster One: Did you see that jazz singer at The Blue Note? She rocked the house!
Hipster Two: Must have trained at The New School.
by Daleep January 05, 2010
AP overachiever + artist = New School student
Jane got a 2250 on the SAT, took ten AP classes, and won a national photography contest. She got into The New School early decision, and now she's going to Parsons AND Eugene Lang. I'm crazy jealous...
by TNSRulesNYC January 19, 2010
The university of adventurous spirits.
Person X: What are you doing after graduation?

TNS Alumna: I'm off to the green wilds of Rwanda to empower women, strengthen the economy, and study local cultural traditions.

Person X: Sweet! Where are you graduating from again?

TNS Alumna: The New School!
by AvenueABCs May 03, 2010
New York City's university-safehouse for: gay culture, poetry, fashionistas, socialism, the old Greenwich Village, study abroad, polygots, film, screenwriters, designer handbags, outdoorsy people, Eleanor Roosevelt, DKNY, fair trade, Union Square, Rosie the Riveter, vegetarians, perfumes, Brooklynites, wild hipsters, public parks, animal rights, dancers, tree planters, rap music, Sierra Club members, feminists, vegans, tattoos, video games, piercings, slam poetry, FEED bags, anime, hip hop, Democrats, nudists, Cambodia, hands-on teaching, retired beatniks gone professor, small dorms, colorful dorms, Tennessee Williams, organic food, Koreans, Africa, The University in Exile, graffiti, protests, thrift store clothes, bamboo, courtyards, Strand addicts, Lorraine Hansberry, volunteers, recycling, bicycles, animators, politics, comic books, people who vote, couchsurfers, chain smokers, runners, Jack Kerouac, Langstas, composting, thespians, Take Back the Night, straight-A students, explorers, architecture, Buddhists, Forbidden Planet lovers, Matisyahu, illustrators, international students, Marc Jacobs, James Baldwin, proud New Yorkers, bon vivants, programmers, block parties, cellists, fruitarians, bookworms, relief workers, refugees, old souls, backpackers, authors, sex therapists, jazz, Atheists, optimists, world leaders, Dr. Ruth, the color red, the color orange, diplomas, drawing pencils, Bea Arthur, the color yellow, Utrecht supplies, and (of course) insane homework loads.
The New School will make your brain explode into a million flashing colors. I love it.
by Rooftops91 September 11, 2010
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