A nightclub. Even it is in the shithole known as Sunderland, it has the best music ever.
The music at The New Monkey is good, unlike shitty RnB, Nu-Metal, Pop and Rap "Music".
by Blonde Bitch March 28, 2004
Top Definition
The name of a nightclub that has very good music. It's in Sunderland.
Rnb sucks.
by Psycho Bitch April 06, 2004
wikid place to be!
its in sunderland, pallion!
pallion road to be precise << cnt spell!
check it!
I cant fockin hear yaaaaaaaa come on then!!
by Kimy October 01, 2004
A very bad club, in the shithole that is Sunderland.
A regular chav hangout, buy their tapes from the market for £3.
It should be shut down due to its obvious amounts of drug use and incredibly crap music.
person 1: Do you want to go to the new monkey?

person 2: fuck no, its in sunderland

person 1: oh no, not that shit hole.
by nu-metal lover November 21, 2004
The latest internet craze.

Taking from "the new black," (a phrase originally meaning "the latest, hottest trend in fashion"), the new monkey works on the idea that for several years now monkeys have pervaded every corner of the internet--as mascot, icon, part of a slogan, or in some other aspect.

"The new monkey," therefore, would be the next big thing.

Usage note: "The new monkey" refers to things that are in some way parallel to monkeys. Thus, bananaphones could be "the new monkey," but the bananaphone flash movie could not.

For this reason (lack of a parallel), All Your Base is not the new monkey. Neither are monkeys the new AYB. (I suppose it could be argued that the Banaphone flash movie is the new AYB, but we all know that's simply not the case.)
Pete: Wow, would you look at this site? Looks like ninjas are the new monkey.
Erik: What? No way, dude. Pirates are the new monkey.
by Lady Chevalier May 23, 2005
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