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The Mountain Goats is a Durham, North Carolina-based band, led by American singer-songwriter John Darnielle. Darnielle began recording in 1991, and is known for his highly literate lyrics and (until 2002) his lo-fi recording style.1 The Mountain Goats' recent members have comprised the core trio of Darnielle, Peter Hughes on bass guitar, and Jon Wurster on drums.
"Have you heard the new The Mountain Goats album?"

"Nah Man"

"Check it out it's sweet"
by The Eleventh Doctor November 29, 2009
A horrible indie music group, in which the singers cannot sing.
Also severely disappointed that they really were not mountain goats.
Usually people named Betsy likes them.
Betsy- "Hey i've got the new The Mountain Goats Cd!"

by dooldool October 22, 2008
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