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A driving maneuver where two cars in the same lane change to opposite lanes simultaneously opening a path where a third car (you) can shoot through.
I was stuck in behind a tow truck and a bus when they both did The Moses. For whatever reason, it happens all the time around me. - D. Bruch
by D. Bruch May 11, 2009
5 3
A sex move; when she is menstruating and you part her vagina lips with your hands to lick her clitoris. Therefore, parting the red sea.
My chick was raggin' last night so I did The Moses before I ate her out.
by P.C Rickshaw October 13, 2010
3 1
A sexual act where the female expects the male to wear a condom...but at the last second the male removes the condom, penetrates and yells, 'Let my people go!'
I totally pulled The Moses on my girlfriend last night, and now she needs an abortion.
by ComedyGoo August 06, 2010
6 4
The person who is at the head of an impromptu line or group of traveling people.
(Narration by David Attenborough)
"As the group ventured across the field, a young female assumed the role of "the Moses".
by reubentheboobinjewbin October 09, 2011
2 1
When a person seperates the ass cheeks of another person while listening to christian tunes.
" Ayo , Mario just pulled the Moses on me! "
by Jackie && Shelly June 23, 2006
1 11