- best performed on a random chic you hook up with -

During intercourse right as you bust your nut you scream "FINISH HER!!!" and put a rag soaked in chloroform on their face. Your friend who has been hiding in the closet proceeds to finish her.
"Let's go to the bar and find a chic to play The Mortal Kombat."
by MADkins July 22, 2009
Besides being a kick ass fighting game mortal kombat also refers to a state of intoxication.

After a long night of drinking your head droops down and starts to bobble around. Much like in mortal kombat moments before the game says FINISH HIM. In which the person falls over and passes out.
Joe: Yo check at Rich lol, he's got the mortal kombat going. Should we finish him?


Rich finishes one more shot hits the ground and passes out.
by BECKDADDY62 February 12, 2010

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