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A person who loves being called Mex in a slightly nicer way. The Mex will take pride in his culture and is usually a great friend. Unless you piss them off... then they will bite your kneecap off. ONLY HAS ONE FRIEND THAT IS A PREP. Besides that The Mex has a few cool friends and is extremely funny and most of the time friendly unless they are bored.The Mex has kool rings and stuff. Plays guitar well and rights awesome poetry. Proffesion=bodyguard. Will kill people for fun from time to time. Does not give a shit about teachers nor anything. Everything they say is correct. They are NEVER wrong.
Ex.1 The Mex: Fuck you! =
You: That's mean!
The Mex: No it's ohkay i'm just bored.

Ex.2 The Mex: Oh what's that you touched my Say Anything CD?
*Bites kneecap off.*
by IDoNotAntagonize November 30, 2009
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