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The act of feeling nervous before a party involving the attendance of a chick the Mckenna is trying to game. To combat this the Mckenna consumes some alcohol to assist with controlling the nerves and provide a confidence boost. However, said consumption exceeds the persons capabilities causing them to become extremely drunk before their "game" arrives. Upon arrival the Mckenna has become rowdy to the point of falling over, swearing (e.g You F*cking Mug) and fly kicking other patrons of the party. His behavior can only be contained through extreme actions such as taping them to a chair. Ultimately the Mckenna makes a complete fool of himself in front of his desired game, resulting in her describing him as "weird." a.k.a The ultimate strike out.
Person 1: How did Dan go with that babe last night?

Person 2: Awww man he pulled The Mckenna.

Person 1: Sh*t it went that bad?!

Person 2: Yeah I don't think he'll be drinking again anytime soon.
by Metro-Dyke July 01, 2012
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