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An advanced poker tactic.

A type of bluff predicated on the history of your opponent offering to soft-play hands with familiar opponents; the assumption being that future soft-play will be mutually enjoyed (ie: he likes to cheat).

This advanced maneuver fakes a soft-play situation, suggesting that the opponent should "save his money", thereby getting the opponent to fold a superior hand.

For background reference, please search the superb articles written by Mike Caro (rhymes with arrow) on regarding all poker players’ obligation to follow the rules of poker:
- “The Horrible Reality of Poker Partnerships”
- “Why it’s wrong to soft-play friends at poker”
- “My personal poker code of ethics: poker cheats should be boiled and eaten”
First, a “scare card” situation must come up. In no-limit Texas Hold’Em, one such scenario is the middle rank card on the flop pairing on the turn. The following actions/dialogue depicts how The McLeod Maneuver could possibly play out after the “scare card”:

Dave Z: Bet $25
Todd M: Raise to $50
Dave Z: “You’re kidding me!!”
Todd M: Blank Stare
Dave Z: “Are you serious?”
Todd M: “Save your money” (The exact phrase should mimic the opponent’s historical invitation to offer soft-play in exchange for future soft-play)
Dave Z: “You have me beat? I’ve got a really good hand
Todd M: “Save your money” (note repetition of implied offer)
Dave Z: “Will you show me if I fold?”

At this point, a super advanced tactics may have to be used (Reference: The Full McLeod), or simply repeating the mantra of implied future soft-play might be enough to get the cheating opponent to fold what may be a superior hand.
by CatfishPoker March 18, 2014
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