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a term used to describe the obvious presence (or lack thereof) of the United States Marine Corps.

categorized by surgically placed rounds, a lack of any trace other than possibly a smoke grenade seconds before evac, and the attempt to give away their own food and water to enemies and non-combatants alike (especially Charms candy). the area has been cleared of tangos, and all weapons, ordinance, and contraband have been removed. it is now safe for the rest of the military and can now be made into an airstrip or supply depot.

also describes a situation in which enemy soldiers are neutralized from impossible distances without any landscape or structures nearby.

what the enemy says when they tie their shoe and look around to find they are now the only combatant standing- and now they're not.

this does not describe an are bullet-riddled with misplaced ordinance, and children searching through empty MRE trash. you will not see any trace of the U.S.M.C. after they have left because no one is left behind. ever.
pogue #1: "did you hear we're off 24/hr patrol, fire watch and can take off our flack jackets??? we even have a 72!!!"

pogue #2. "that's because the Marines were here dumbass. now there's nothing to do but find square yards of flightline and count cans of squelch. here, hand me that BA 1100N with a Sierra Tango ring.'

tango: "hey did guys see?" ... silence... no other tangos are standing. " oh shit." immediately followed by a zip and a thud.
by Marines is capitalized. January 21, 2011
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