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A very laddish game used for house parties of all varieties. This game entails one person to wear a hat, the spectacular the better, this person is "it". Whilst wearing the hat nobody is allowed to talk to that person or say said persons name. Any reference to the man in the hat should be to name them the man in the hat. Any breach of these rules results in the hat being passed to you. Especially good whilst drunk and/or stoned.
example 1
Ahmed as Man In The Hat: "Keane, did you win that game of pro evo?"
Keane: "No i lo..fuck you're wearing the hat!"

example 2
Ahmed, now as a regular player: "Whos wearing the hat?"
Random n00b "Keane is"
Ahmed, now as a regular player: "Whos wearing the hat?"
Experienced player "The Man In The Hat is wearing the hat."
by GF March 29, 2006
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