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1. A pain you feel when somthing's gone wrong or just plain doesn't happen.

2. A pain you feel when you are betrayed by a friend.

3. A pain you feel when the natural laws of physics don't work. (Video games only)

4. When your playing on spilt-screen and your friend looks at your side. (Video games only)
1. Hey why the hell is my car not starting? *boom* I feel this pain of bullsh*t exploding! WTF!!!

2. "Dude! Nice 69' Mustang! Are we taking this to the
club?" "If by "we" you mean I take the Mustang and you take your Prius, then yes, we're taking it." "I'm feeling the major pain right now!"

3. WTH??!!? I was going 20mph and when I pushed the brake my car exploded!

4. Jeff: "I found you!!!" *shoots*
Jerry: "How in the name of sh*t did you find me under this truck?!"
Jeff: "I looked everywhere else and you weren't there so-"
Jerry: "You were on the other side of the map and we just started fagg0t!"
Jeff: "F*ck you, you f*cking fagg0t! I wasnt screen-looking!"
Jerry: I feel this pain of major screen looking over here!"
by isveryniceyes April 05, 2008

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